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                About us

                Ruian Weifu Standard Parts Co., Ltd. predecessor (Ruian City Lin Industrial machinery under standard factory), enterprise founded in 1994, is a professional production of standard parts, high-strength fasteners of the modern enterprise, the company is located in Ruian By Lin industrial zone, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. We have an experienced R & D team and high-quality management personnel and a spacious production environment. Since Weifu enterprise since its inception, the application of modern scientific management, the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment, is very careful in the choice of material, to produce high quality and reliable products...


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                News center


                Tel: 15868766877

                Contact: Forest Management

                E-mail: ruianweifu@126.com

                Company base: 0577-65350010

                Fax: 0577-65365455

                Website: www.ynmxzj.com

                Address: Avenue at Luoshan Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province No. 46